Returning campers, please review our rules and conditions as they are updated yearly. If anyone witnesses a rule violation, we ask that you please report it to the office as soon as possible. North Sauble Sands is a family campground; these rules are written so that everyone wi have an enjoyable and safe stay at our facility.


1. Ontario law prohibits the sharing of any tenant’s personal information. We will not provide any personal information about you, your children or your guests without written permission/instructions by you as the primary registrant of the campground site. If required, we must submit limited or greater information on the request by any authority of the law.

2. If more than one person will be paying bills or dealing with the office regards to your site, make sure we have them listed as occupants of the site. Anyone not listed on the contract will not be given any information about the status of the accounts, etc.


1. Any mail received for campground occupants by the office will be returned to sender.

2. Personal messages will not be accepted at the office or passed along to campers.
3. Only emergency calls or messages will be delivered to the site.


1. All campsites are for one trailer only. Please obey or management will remove one from the site.
2. No tents allowed on site, unless approval received from the office.
3. All campsites must have a lot number on the trailer, visible from the road.
4. The occupant, their family, guests and invitees shall maintain the trailer, and any improvements as well as the campsite and any campsite improvements in a clean and tidy condition. Do not allow any refuse, garbage or other loose and objectionable material to accumulate on or around the property.

5. Both line & umbrella type clotheslines are not permitted.
6. A second fridge is only permitted on the campsite if it is stored inside a shed and secured by a lock at all times.
7. Utility services such as phone, internet and television are permitted on site but must be provided by the campground provider. Fees will be billed to the occupant by the service provider.
8. It is agreed between the parties that the intended use for the specified site is for recreational vacation purposes in a campground or trailer park. The campground or trailer park is designed for seasonal or temporary use only and as such cannot be used as your full time residence.
9. We operate on a well; therefore, conservation of water is very important. Normal use of water is permitted unless we are in a drought, then we will post water restrictions in the park and on our website.


1. Construction or improvements of any kind to the trailer or the campsite must have approval of the management. Example; decks, sheds, additions , etc.
2. All decks are to be constructed from new wood only. All decks must conform to building code standards and permit obtained from municipality if applicable.

3. No home-built Florida rooms, awnings or roofs permitted. Manufactured structures are to be purchased through management. H & H patio enclosures Canadian manufacturer of; Florida rooms, car ports, en- trance enclosures, screened enclosures, decks, aluminum railing & tip-out covers.
4. A maximum of two (2) sheds no bigger then 10’ x 10’ are allowed on any lot. If the lot is relatively small, see management; placement of shed depends on it not interfering with other’s property lines, and upon approval of management at the office. Sheds are to be used for storage purposes only.


1. The management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, floods, or other natural acts which are beyond its control. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to pro- vide current property insurance as well as liability insurance, as per the Seasonal Camping agreement.
2. Equipment and apparatus furnished on the grounds are solely for the convenience of residents and all do so at their own risk.


1. VERY IMPORT ANT: The septic system may only be used for human waste, toilet paper, and typical wash water. Women’s feminine products, diapers, food and other trash must be disposed of in the garbage. If you have any questions about personal waste disposal and sewer blockage please inquire with management.
2. Only approved products may be added to septic holding tanks. Chemicals that destroy the active enzymes and bacteria in the septic system are prohibited. I.e. bleach, anti-bacterial products, many toxic cleaners.
3. At end of season if you are removing your pipe / hose from the sewer pipe replace the cap back on so that no snow / debris can get into main sewer system.


1. Do not transfer firewood (palettes included) into or out of the County due to the threat of invasive in- sects. When purchasing firewood, please ask if the vendor is certified and make sure you get the vendor to give proof of where they are getting the wood.
2. No open fires are permitted on the campsite, except in designated areas, i.e., fire pits. The occupant, their family, guests and invitees are responsible to ensure that any fire is under control at all times and that such fire is fully extinguished after each use.
3. The burning of animal waste is strictly prohibited.
4. In the case of a drought, the management will follow the actions of the municipality and enforce a fire ban; and will post in the park and on the website.
5. Going into bush for wood standing or fallen is not permitted in the campground.
6. Fires must be extinguished each night before twelve (12) midnight.
7. No outside purchase of large truck loads of wood to be delivered in to the campground, maximum amount of wood drop off is restricted to 3 cord per drop off if you are purchasing outside of campground.


1. No parking of cars, trucks, trailers, boats etc. or any other items on anyone else’s site but your own.

2. No parking in someone else’s driveway other then your own.

3. There is a parking / storage facility on the campground premises that can be used for an extra fee to the campground occupant.
4. Fee of $60.00 per month per item will be charged to the campground occupant.


1. All seasonal fees are to be paid by April 15th of new seasonal year.
2. All new seasonal year contracts must be signed before allowed to enter the campground premises.
3. If account has any outstanding balance on it a 5% interest will be applied each month until balance is zero.
4. All hydro bills will be picked up in office or if you provide us with your email address we will email your hydro bill. All hydro bills are to be paid with in 15 days of issue. Hydro bills will be issued three times a year May 30th (for pervious year after September 30th to May 30th current year), July 30th and September 30th.
5. Deposits for next season are to be paid before October 15th – $500.00 deposit is required.
6. Management has the right to increase the seasonal fees, storage fees or any other fees that pertain to the campground at anytime.
8. All payments can be made by either cash, cheque or E-transfer to


See Management About Extended Stay


1. All seasonal sites will be required to have a gate card in order to enter park.
2. Gate cards can be purchased from office, first two card can be purchased for a deposit of $25.00 each card. All additional gate cards will be a deposit of $100.00 each. If any card is lost deposit will be kept.
3. At any point North Sauble Sands Campground reserves the right to deactivate all gate cards assigned to your seasonal site.


1. All guests will not be charged. Unless abused which will be at managements discretion.
2. The occupant is responsible at all times for the supervision, conduct and behaviour of any guests, children and teenagers on campsite, as well as on all campground property. All rules and conditions of the campground are applicable to both occupants and their guests and/or children.
3. Anyone under the age of nineteen is not permitted to use trailers or be left in the park for prolonged absences day or night without parental supervision.


1. Only non aggressive pets are permitted and the campground reserves the right to refuse entry to large or aggressive dogs.
2. All pets shall be leashed and supervised at all times.
3. All pets must have the necessary immunization shots, and the occupant is responsible for keeping a copy of the up-to-date records at their trailer.

4. Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
5. No pet may be tied on a lead without a handler and no chaining, caging or tethering of a pet outside of the trailer shall be permitted when the occupant is not at the site.
6. It is the occupant’s responsibility to care properly for any pet and to clean and restore any areas of the campsite or the resort where mess or damage has occurred. The “stoop and scoop’ rule applies and must be disposed of properly in a plastic bag into the garbage dumpster not in any indoor garbage cans because of the odour.

7. All dogs are subject to the Dog Owner’s Liability Act of Ontario, available at; statute/90d16


1. Provincial Law requires that personal alcoholic beverages be consumed on campsites only.
2. Illegal use of drugs of any type will result in the immediate termination of park use and/or police intervention.
3. Marijuana has become legal in Ontario but consumption rules will be followed as per alcohol, cultivation is prohibited on the property.


1. No pets, smoking, running or yelling in the building.
2. Clean up after yourselves, garbage in garbage bins, recycling in recycling bins.
3. Laundry mat will be locked at all times and can be acceded thru key pad entry. Key fobs can be pur- chased from office for a deposit of $10.00 each fob.
4. Laundry machines are coin operated.


1. Do not bring garbage from home to dispose of here.
2. Properly bag, package, separate, and bind in plastic garbage bags and place in container provided.
3. The garbage bin is for household garbage only. Do not dispose of electronics, appliances, furniture, propane tanks, etc. in the garbage and recycling bins. Disposal of large articles of garbage such as fridges, bicycles, beds, etc. are your responsibility and expense and are not to be left near the garbage bins. Large articles can be picked up from your site at a minimal fee.
4. It is prohibited to put fire-pit ash, branches, leaves, grass, garden refuse or wood in the garbage bins. Please check with campground management on how these materials can be disposed of or composted.
5. Please take all recycling items to the bins located at front of campground. Only recyclable items are to be placed in these bins. Recycle as follows cardboard separate, glass separate and plastic and tin together. 6. Alcoholic beverage containers do not go in the recycling bins or garbage.


1. No trespassing on other campsites.
2. Bicycles are only permitted to be ridden on the roadways within the campground. Bicycles must be rid- den slowly and bike riders just exercise care and control at all times. Bike riding is not permitted after dusk unless properly equipped (i.e., light helmet , etc.)
3. If under the age of 18, you are required by law to wear an approved bicycle helmet when traveling on any public road.
4. Quiet enjoyment – no occupant shall create, permit the creations of, or continuation of any noise or nuisance that disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of any other occupant of guest of the campground. No noise will be permitted outside of the trailer between the hours of 12:00 AM (midnight) and 7:00 AM. Please operate lawn mowers and other noisy outdoor equipment after 8:00 AM. Campground staff may begin working earlier than said time and unfortunately may create some noise, but will try to keep the in- convenience to a minimum.


1. Any use of fireworks (including paper lanterns) or firearms is strictly prohibited for occupants or their guests, unless you have written approval from campground management.

2. Absolutely no hunting by any campground occupant, their family, visitors, guests of invitees on camp- ground property. Firearm use is restricted to management


1. Motorized vehicles such as ATV’s/Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles are not permitted to be used in campground, only exit and enter usage will be permitted.
2. See Management about Dirt Bikes


See Management About Golf Carts


1. The occupant, their family, guests or invitees shall not damage or remove the lawn, shade trees, shrubbery, or other trees or plants anywhere on the property, including the campsite without management’s permissions. The occupant shall be responsible to campground owners for any damages to the campsite, the campground property, or its facilities or amenities, caused by the occupant, his family, guests, visitors or invitees. (e.g. tree cutting)

2. At management’s discretion, unmaintained lots will be cleaned up at the occupants expense.
3. Due to below ground services, digging or placing of stakes are not permitted without prior written permission from management.
4. Modifications to the landscape of the campsite i.e. walls, gravel, or paved drives, trees, shrubs, etc. will become the property of the management when the agreement to occupy is terminated.
5. A 2 foot space around hydro meters and water turn shut off’s are permitted in order to allow space for meter reading and winter water shut off to be completed. Please remove all garden hoses at the end of season.